Settlers Wine Club

Settlers Wine Club 1

Forget bookclub, forget fightclub.. how about wineclub?? We are keen to start some fun informal sessions to taste and talk about wine. The idea is.. – one variety or region per session on a midweek evening – our resident wine guru Beth will put together a great range of interesting wines to try – approx 6 to 10? – we’d provide a comfy venue, a few light snacks and an informative/entertaining host You’d have to pre-book your spot in advance and share the cost of the wine and food but there would be no on-going commitment like a course. Cost will be variable depending on how many people & what wines we taste – we’d be aiming for around $30- $50 per session? It’s definitely NOT aimed at the wine snob – we want beginners and new people to turn to the wine-side! And definitely not just for the ladies – co-ed is way more fun. We are thinking it’s an opportunity for people to get together, socialise and learn a little about wine along the way. What do you think? Join our facebook group and we’ll keep you posted with upcoming tasting info!