Der Ladenkollektiv du Riesling!

Der Ladenkollektiv du Riesling! 1

The participants: The Settler’s Liquor Store Tasting Collective (S.L.S.T.C), guided by our fearless leader Charlotte Newton

The mission: Riesling blind tasting

Time: Wednesday night

Place: Reputable Margaret River drinking establishment (upstairs)

Note: Our usual scribe John W.G. unfortunately had a scarring experience regarding Riesling in his youth – something to do with a Hills Hoist and a ‘silver death pillow‘ apparently…well, he is South Australian – so he could not willingly participate in this month’s session. Fortunately, we could call upon the eminent Riesling connoisseur, or rather feinschmecker, Germany’s own Herr Lipp to summarise. Take it away, mein herr (another note: Some things may be lost in translation and transcription).

OK, guten abend, kinder, und wilkommen. My name ist Herr Lipp, and I may enjoy you to an exchange visit to the lovely town of Margaret River! As you can know, I am now speaking to you in English, so you may have some worries of knowing me. Ja, in so fact, I was in Margaret River since…twelve years ago! I stayed with the two winemakers, mann und frau. Oh they were very nice…beard and some moustaches. I still have a towel of theirs…it’s blue…Alles klar!

So, I hope you all have a real good treat of Riesling. And please, if you don’t understand any of my sayings, you can come to me in private and I shall take you in my German mouth. Alles klar? Gut…Alles klar.

Now I don’t know if any of you have gazed your eyes on my little pink pomphlet? It has many prägnant sayings about Riesling. Now Riesling ist from a cool or moderate climate und is a noble variety with natural high acidity made in a range of styles. Und like me, it can age well. Ho ho. I am making the humour for you.

Now when tasting der Riesling, we must recall the five feinschmecker Fs – fruity; floral; fine; finesse; und finish.

Now let us begin. Schnell! Schnell!

Der taster’s notes (again, some things may be lost in translation/transcription):

  1. L’enclos du Tertre Riesling, 2016. Great Southern, WA. A youthful adolescent with a steely, mineral medium length. High acidity with lemon rind and green apple notes. Großartig.
  2. Sons of Eden Freya, 2016. Eden Valley, SA. A very pretty honeysuckle floral nose. A tingly acidity with fleshier citrus tones. A long length and finish. Super fantastisch.
  3. Glaetzer-Dixon Überblanc Riesling, 2016. Tasmania. A lager and lemonade shandy with quince and stewed fruit notes, and a residual acidity that dances on the tongue. Well balanced. Über phantastisch.
  4. Rieslingfreak No.3 Riesling, 2016. Clare Valley, SA. Another moody teenager. Young and perky with a mineral steeliness, and lemon and lime cordial tones. Wunderlich.
  5. KT ‘Melva’ Watervale Riesling, 2015. Clare Valley, SA. This is pure and inviting with a beautifully sweet candied citrus touch. Märchenhaft.
  6. Madmen of Riesling ‘Devolution’, 2015. Great Southern, WA. A contact of skin. Golden smoky caramel honey notes are evident with a languid lanolin texture. Sehr gut.
  7. Castle Rock Estate Riesling, 2016. Great Southern, WA. Another tight young one. Light with a lemony spritz and hyacinth bouquet. Wunderbar.
  8. Harewood Estate Reserve Riesling, 2012. Great Southern, WA. With a flinty gunsmoke on the nose, and a touch of honey and lime juice on the palate, this is an older and more developed number. Sagenhaft.
  9. Leeuwin Estate Art Series Riesling, 2016. Margaret River, WA. Another tight, steely youngster with a dry light finish. A real candy girl oder boy. Bärig.
  10. Plan B Mosel Germany Riesling, 2014. Germany. The taste of die Mutterland. Tropical nose with dried fruits and candied apples and a long und strong finish. Very well balanced between acid and sugar. Traumhaft! Or how you say in English, dreamlike?
  11. Dr loosen Graachar Himmelreich Riesling, 2013. Germany. Ah, Dr. Loosen. Gott in Himmel! The eagle has landed! A rosewater retro-nasal muskiness highlights a sweet but sophisticated finish. What else can I say? Bedeutend, and a great wine to finish with.

Alles klar. I am thanking you for our tastings. Pardon my German, you are all so kind. But you must not squirt your face over me, for who knows, sometimes I might be coming back to Margaret River. Auf wiedersehen, kinder.

Herr Lipp.